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New in Print: Wet Hot American Summer: The Annotated Screenplay

New in print from Harry N. Abrams is Wet Hot American Summer: The Annotated Screenplay, written by Michael Showalter and David Wain.

"At long last, this is the definitive Wet Hot American Summer book fans have been clamoring for! Screenwriters David Wain and Michael Showalter take pen to page and create a hilarious, behind-the-scenes annotated version of the original screenplay that launched a thousand Halloween costumes. They provide commentary on and insight into how and why they made the artistic decisions they did while writing and filming the movie that went on to become a true cult classic, as well as an ongoing Netflix series. The book will also feature reproduced ephemera from filming - photos, original (and scathing) reviews, AIM chat conversations, marked up script pages, and so much more. Written and curated by Wain and Showalter, this will be the must-have guide to all things Wet Hot."

Wet Hot American Summer, released in 2001, was directed by Wain, and stars Janeane Garofalo, David Hyde Pierce, Paul Rudd, Christopher Meloni, Marguerite Moreau, Molly Shannon, Michael Ian Black, Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper, and Michael Showalter.

Wet Hot American Summer: The Annotated Screenplay is available now in hardcover and Kindle editions.

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