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The Hollywood Reporter's Writers Roundtable

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Jordan Peele ('Get Out'), Anthony McCarten ('Darkest Hour'), Aaron Sorkin ('Molly's Game'), Fatih Akin ('In the Fade'), Emily V. Gordon ('The Big Sick'), and Darren Aronofsky ('mother!') to discuss screenwriting and more as we head in to the Academy Awards.

Aaron Sorkin is Teaching a Screenwriting Class

Aaron Sorkin is teaching for Masterclass:

"Learn how to write incredible screenplays from Aaron Sorkin in the most comprehensive screenwriting course he’s ever taught. In addition to both improving your storytelling skills and outlining what it takes to write incredible scripts, Aaron invites you into his writer’s room for an eight-part screenwriting case study where he and his team will script, rewrite, and break down a new Season 5 premiere of The West Wing.

Diving deep into screenwriting fundamentals, Aaron offers detailed lessons on narrative structure, character development, generating new ideas, and his signature style of dialogue. Aaron knows that great screenwriting requires intention and obstacle. He dedicates several lessons to explaining how to create conflict, raise dramatic stakes, and keep audiences watching. Designed to offer useful lessons to seasoned and emerging screenwriters, Aaron’s class can be enjoyed by writers of all skill levels."

Sorkin's class will cover how to:

- Create intention and obstacle

- Develop unforgettable characters

- Hook audiences from the opening scene

- Write compelling dialogue

- Add momentum to your scenes

- Apply and subvert the rules of drama

- Research and gather material

- Establish consistent writing habits

- Overcome writer’s block

- Pitch screenplays

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Showrunner Roundtable

The Hollywood Reporter sat down six of television's best show runners - Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad), Aaron Sorkin (The Newsroom), Carlton Cuse (Bates Motel), Ann Biderman (Ray Donovan), Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective), and Matthew Weiner (Mad Men) for a Drama Showrunner Roundtable - to discuss how great shows gets made.

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