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Malcolm Gladwell Wants to Teach You How to Write

Journalist Malcolm Gladwell, staff writer for The New Yorker, has joined the growing ranks of accomplished personalities sharing their knowledge and insight through Masterclass.

According to Gladwell, "Writing has a higher purpose. It's part of the way in which we fulfill ourselves as human beings, both in the words that we write and the words that we read. This class is a chance for me to reflect on my career and share the insights I've gleaned in a form that my students can use."

Masterclass describes the program:

"In his MasterClass, Malcolm shares the research and writing techniques that have made him a prolific nonfiction writer and master storyteller. You’ll learn his approach to finding ideas in unusual places, structuring compelling narratives, and keeping readers engaged through every detail—including the art of the title and the role of semicolons. He also shares career tips for writers amassed over years in the industry—dealing with bad reviews, differentiating yourself as a writer, and identifying your own strengths and weaknesses as a writer."

Interested writers can learn more and sign up on the Masterclass website.


Masterclass Got David Mamet to Teach Dramatic Writing

David Mamet is teaching dramatic writing for Masterclass and all you need to join in is a pencil and a piece of paper.

"As a dramatist, your job is to tell a story. David’s dramatic writing class covers the rules of drama and teaches you how to keep your story simple by using Aristotle's Poetics as a guide.

David’s MasterClass takes an in depth look at both plot and plot structure. His class includes case studies on the plot structure of two of his award winning works, Glengarry Glen Ross and American Buffalo. Become familiar with the essential ingredients of plot like the precipitating event, the second-act problem, how to connect plot points, and learn the structure of a three-act play.

Learn how David Mamet developed his style for writing dialogue, famously known as "Mamet-speak." In addition, David’s dramatic writing lessons also include advice on where to draw inspiration when trying to write great dialogue."

Mamet's Masterclass covers how to:

- Understand and recognize drama

- Keep your hero’s journey at the heart of your narrative

- Use the rules of writing to improve your script

- Harness your fantasies and life experiences for drama

- Create objectives for your characters

- Structure your plot

- Recognize and remove scenes that are unnecessary to your script

- Overcome writer’s block

- Convey truth to the audience

- Cast the right actors for your play

You can learn more and sign up on

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